Care, skill, and judgment - leading the profession for over 100 years

For more than 100 years, our mid-Manhattan practice has been defined by three words - care, skill, and judgment.

  • We Care about your time and your comfort and your concerns about dentistry
  • We have the Skills to provide ideal dentistry that's state of the art.
  • We have the Judgment necessary to help our patients choose treatment plans that best suit their individual needs.

And we've taught at NYU and Columbia and we regularly upgrade our knowledge with continuing education programs that keep us abreast of changes and advances in the arts and science of our profession.

Please call today to arrange a consultation. If you're happy with us, we'll then arrange for a complete examination.


Dental Services NYC

We're Drs. Michael R. Szabatura and Edward.C. Kornbluh and Howard Silver and we're proud of the fact that our practice has been at the cutting edge of dentistry for more than a century. We look forward to continuing on that path into the future.

Whether it's placing a filling, restoring lost beauty and function with porcelain laminates, implants, crowns and bridges, relieving pain related to joint dysfunction, or providing root canal therapy, we do these things very well. And we do it in a modern, spotlessly clean office with the help of a great supporting staff that has been recruited and trained to help us provide the relaxed environment necessary to provide comfortable dentistry. The most recent addition to our team has been with us for a decade, the senior people for more than 25 years. We think that this is a statement about loyalty and continuity unrivaled in professional practices, and that it speaks volumes about us and the work we do.

If you're searching for a practice that cares about you, that has the skills and experience demanded by modern dentistry, and has the judgment to help choose what is best for your long term health and beauty, this is the right place for you.